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Modern Range Hoods

I’ve been in the market to replace my range hood, and came across this site….

Range Hoods
Range Hood
Wall Mount Range Hoods
Island Range Hood
Island Range Hoods
Under Cabinet Range Hood
Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Pretty damn cheap compared to other brands like Viking, Jenn Air, Etc.


Finally discovered the Hipstamatic app for iPhone. Here are some shots of our mid-century home.

Vintage Knoll Chair

Here are some pictures of a vintage Knoll chair I got from a thrift store for $60!

Not sure what era or collection it’s from. I’m still doing some research on it.

Paul McCobb Dining Set for the Irwin Collection by Calvin

Here are some pictures of a mid-century dining set I bought for our house.

It’s amazing! All the cushions are original, and are in near perfect condition. The couple that I bought it from said that it came from their aunt that lived in the hills on Mulholland.

I was pretty skeptical about the table being McCobb, although that it had all the characteristics of him, until I saw the Walter of Wabash stamp.
Walter of Wabash was the company that made the wooden sliders for majority of McCobb’s tables during this period.

As for the chairs, they are a dead give away with his signature execution from the Irwin collection.

Our New Palmer & Krisel Home

These past few months have been pretty crazy……
But through everything we (Margaret & I) have been handling (wedding, new job, new ventures, etc), we finally are closing escrow on our new home.

As a few people know about me…… My latest addiction has been Mid-Century. I’ve been waiting to be able to get our home first before I started a whole new section on this site about Mid-Century. It has to been my latest passion.

Of course one of my favorite shows has to be MadMen on AMC. Anyways….. back to the home.

It’s a Palmer & Krisel home built in 1955. The home is located in Northern Whittier known as the Whitter Grove Estates. It was marketed as the homes for the modern savvy back in the mid 50’s. I’ll be posting some old ads and newspaper clippings about the tract.

Here are some pictures from the real estate listing of the home….

I’ll be adding more pictures after we get the keys.

To Be Continued…..