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Maggie’s Birthday @ Lei Lounge


I’m Google Adwords Certified! WOO HOO!

I passed the exam with one try.

This is how much of a tech marketing geek I am.

Google’s schpeel of being certified:

Qualified Individuals and Qualified Companies within the Google Advertising Professionals program have passed the Google Advertising Professionals Exam and have met other requirements in order to achieve this level of recognition. By attaining individual or company qualification, you’ll receive:

* Google’s recognition as a tested and Qualified AdWords Individual or Company.
* The official AdWords Qualified Individual or Company Logo, which can be displayed on your website and in many other materials to showcase your skills and help attract clients.
* Distinction as a skilled professional.
* A Professional Status page which profiles your business name and displays Google’s validation that you’re an authentic Qualified Individual or Company within Google Advertising Professionals program.
* Promotional credits at a higher value, which can be applied to new client accounts to help bring in more business.
* A warm, fuzzy feeling for this grand accomplishment.